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    Industrial Control Panels

    Industrial & Automated Machinery Panels

    Today’s industrial automated systems require custom designs for sophisticated applications. QTC’s meet’s the needs of today’s industrial controls with reliable, customized industrial control panel design, construction and installation.

    In-house panel construction can be extremely costly and time consuming. Our comprehensive approach, from design to installation, allows you to focus on your project as well as saving two of your most valuable resources: time and money.

    Previous Industrial Control Panel Applications

    • Automated Machinery & Equipment
    • Automated Processes (batch, continuous, conveyors, etc.)

    Industrial Control Panel Expertise

    Industrial Control Panel Design Expertise

    By utilizing our decades of experience in custom panel design and fabrication, we’re able to deliver consistent outstanding quality regardless of the application. All of our designs adhere to NEC and UL 508A guidelines, undergo rigorous testing prior to installation and are designed to maximize efficiency without sacrificing performance or reliability.

    • Efficient control design
    • Safe, Reliable and economic electrical design
    • Economically viable panel manufacturing
    • Tested for 100% functionality
    • Strict Adherence to NEC and UL 508A

    Industrial Control Panel Construction & Installation

    In addition to custom design and fabrication, QTC can also manage the project to completion with comprehensive construction and installation services. From our 60 years of combined wiring experience to our cost-saving inventory management procedures, we’re able to provide cost-effective fabrication solutions while still providing 100% reliability and functionality.

    • Best Price Volume Purchasing on Bulk Items
    • Extensive Electrical Distributor Network
    • Efficient Design Reduces Ordering Needs
    • Inventory Management Prevents Over-ordering
    • 60 Years of Combined Assembly & Wiring Experience
    • Warranty Service to Guarantee Reliability


    Constructing industrial control panels in-house is a costly and extremely time-consuming process. QTC provides a cost effective, reliable solution for highly customized industrial control regardless of the application. We stand by our work and provide warranty service for consistent functionality in the field.


    2700 Forest Hills Loop SW, Wilson, NC 27893

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