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    About QTC

    Located in Wilson, NC, QT Corporation is North Carolina’s leader in custom panel design, fabrication and installation, providing excellence in OEM, industrial controls and switchgear panel construction.


    Our entire team has nearly two centuries of combined experience in custom panel design, fabrication, wiring and installation.


    We test each panel before it is delivered for 100% functionality. We guarantee our work and will provide warranty service if the panel fails in the field.

     Cost Effective

    Bulk ordering commonly used items and an extensive dealer network allows us to save cost with out sacrificing quality, a savings we pass on to you.

    Time Saving

    Outsourcing panel design and fabrication saves valuable project time, and we offer JIT (just-in-time) delivery for customers within 2.5 hours of our offices.

    Helping Companies Move Power Forward Since 1994.

    QTC has both low and high volume OEM customers. Our experience working with our wide range of customers has taught us how to design custom panels in the most cost and time effective manner. Fixtures and jigs are designed for the specific required panels and assemblies to save time in the assembly and wiring portion of the construction. All of our panels and harnesses are design so that manufacturers can quickly incorporate the control panel into the machinery or plant. All of this is performed custom to each of our client’s unique needs and specifications. Regardless of the size of the operation or the application, we will always build to suit.

    A Brief History of QT Corporation

    Today – QT Corporation continues to lead the field in custom panel design, fabrication and installation

    2005 – Building is expanded to handle increased capacity and larger jobs

    2001 –  The company relocates to current location in Wilson, NC

    1994 – QT Corporation is Founded

    Management Team

    Jimmy Sauls


    Tyson Sauls

    Application Engineer

    Mark Sauls

    Sales Rep/EPEC Solutions


    2700 Forest Hills Loop SW, Wilson, NC 27893

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